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How it works

How it works

How do I register?
  • Sign up as an expert or a client, and follow the simple registration process, after which your account will be assessed and accepted based on the Consultable vetting requirements.

Is Consultable free?
  • Signing up as an expert or a client is free, but all experts are subject to vetting and ensuring they pass the required process. Consultable takes a small fee 20% of each transaction, ensuring that the experts on our platform get paid fairly for the work they conduct.

How does Consultable ensure the quality of its experts?
  • Prior to approval, risk-based due diligence is conducted on each expert, including assessing referrals and reputation; identity checks; confirmation of employment and professional histories; open source media, public records and internet searches; reference checks with former employers and/or current and former clients. Where possible and relevant, this also includes obtaining any legal, regulatory or disciplinary records. For experts operating in jurisdictions or professional service lines that carry a higher level of risk, we conduct additional due diligence before onboarding and risk-based monitoring of live projects on the platform. Members of the Consultable team also conduct capability and integrity interviews, while experts expressly agree to the terms of our Code of Conduct and warranties regarding our strict legal terms.  All experts are subject to Consultable’s monitoring of performance in line with good industry practice.

Does Consultable vet the Experts?
  • Yes. The network is only accessible once experts have been verified by the team, and all experts are subject to risk-based due diligence and ongoing training and development to ensure quality standards and compliance with Consultable’s Corporate Governance & Compliance Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

What types of consultants and companies are on the network?
  • Consultable works with a wide range of high-quality independent consultants and boutique consultancies. They span the world in terms of coverage and operate in a variety of professional service lines. For example some are security experts, country or regional specialists, while others focus exclusively in areas such as asset tracing or multi-lingual open source research. But what they share in common is their independence, professionalism, and commitment to providing high quality information and analysis in a timely, cost-effective, and legal and ethical manner.

What are the criteria for experts getting on the network?
  • Consultable carefully selects its experts according to a range of criteria. This includes the quality of their professional services; their expertise in certain jurisdictions, sectors or themes; and their adherence to Consultable’s strict legal and ethical policies and guidelines.

May I combine experts for a complex requirement?
  • Yes. Consultable’s platform enables you to engage as many Consultants as are required to meet your project needs. You can either run each expert as a separate project or Constable can engage a project manager to manage and oversee different streams on your behalf on those more complex requirements.

Does Consultable provide access to other related services such as security, forensic accounting or commercial due diligence?
  • Our network includes independent consultants and consultancies that provide security consulting, forensic accounting, and commercial competitor and market intelligence in certain jurisdictions. We are always happy to assist in those cases where our experts have these capabilities.

What about investigative / desktop research expertise?
  • The Consultable network includes numerous independent consultants and consultancies who also provide desktop-based research services, either on a standalone basis or in support of other, human network based services they provide. This desktop research provision is comprehensive in that it not only covers a broad array of jurisdictions and languages, but is also specialised according to services such as asset tracing, integrity due diligence, and political risk analysis.

Who are Consultable’s clients?
  • Consultable’s clients tend to be regular users of intelligence and investigations services: financial institutions, law firms, multinational corporations and advisory firms. We also support investigative specialists who work in-house at corporations, within consulting firms, or as independent investigators.

Does Consultable have particular geographic strengths?
  • No, Consultable’s aim is to develop a truly comprehensive global network. We have systematically identified and mapped out the highest quality professionals across all regions.

How does Consultable handle/what happens when there are time zone differences between the Client and the Consultant working on the project?
  • The internal messaging system within Consultable’s platform allows clients and experts the ability to communicate with one another, and with the Consultable Team, 24/7 – irrespective of time zone differences. For projects where these time differences are irreconcilable we work collaboratively with the users to find a solution that works for all parties.

What kind of experience do the Consultable experts have?
  • While there is no one template for the experience required of a Consultable expert, the majority have considerable experience in providing high quality deliverables in a professional setting. This might have been acquired in the context of investigative journalism, law enforcement, multinational institutions, or while working within other reputable corporate intelligence and investigations firms.