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HawkSight Security Risk Management Ltd
HawkSight Security Risk Management Ltd

Paul Mercer is Managing Director of HawkSight Security Risk Management Ltd. He is an experienced international corporate security and emergency response consultant with significant experience in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Paul has acted as security advisor to global corporates, major events, I/NGO's and international oil and extractive companies. He has consulted in operational and security risk management, crisis management and emergency response, business continuity, journey management, urban security hardening, deep desert and maritime security. Paul has a Master's degree in International Politics from the University of Glasgow, a member of the Security Insitute and a Chartered Security Professional.

Key achievements:

• Experienced international security advisor to global clients including British Council Nigeria, PwC, Carter Centre, Schlumberger and the Abu Dhabi Formula One.
• Paul planned and executed multiple high-risk evacuations including Lebanon (2006), Egypt (2011) and Libya (2012)
• Former head of Crisis and Security Consulting for Control Risks Group, Middle East and Africa.
• Architect of award-winning Hawk Sight, Security Risk Management software solution and e-learning platform
• A volunteer member of ASIS Steering committee for Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)
• A former specialist investigator for HMCE conducting covert surveillance against heroin importation into the UK.
• Former Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm, Aircrew Officer (Observer) – Anti Submarine Warfare and Search and Rescue.

France, UK