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Conversational Marketplace

This is a place to contact experts, provide services and build a community for the users of the platform.

Consulatble is an all-in-one platform designed with Consultants in mind, to help empower them, reach out to new clients, and earn money for their hard work in a way that hasn't been realised previously.

Founding Consultable

Working in the corporate security industry, looking after projects in high-risk areas, we knew good information and intelligence is invaluable to companies, organizations and NGOs. This information came from a variety of sources, but it was the consultants or analysts that collated this and provided the insights that actually kept things moving on the ground. 

These consultants and analysts have dedicated their careers to obtain this knowledge and truly provided actionable insights, however their reach and ability to engage with clients was often limited by managerial decisions or their pay. On the flip-side to this budgets, notably for NGOs, weren't enough to cover the cost of the reports being provided. 

Social ME-dia 

Every man and his dog (quite literally) are on some form of Social Media! Most use it casually on Instagram or Facebook, but for professional networking there's Linkedin. Consultable was founded to bridge the gap between a platform for networking, to one where our Consultants could actually make money for their information. We all have the people who's posts we look forward to on Linkedin as they're enaging, they visually stand-out, or they actually help within your current job. With Consultable, these consultants can charge a small subscription fee for their work, allowing them to provide more information, more detail, and more inisights with each post. If you enjoy their work, rate them so more people can find them, and stay subscribed to stay up to date.

Onwards and Upwards

We want our consultants to grow with us, our aim is to engage with our subscribers and consultants, and provide support and help. If there's something you think we need to do, or get rid of, let us know! Most importantly we hope to see you on Consultable and see what you put out into the world!

The Consultable Team