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Royce de Melo

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about Royce de Melo

Royce de Melo is a Middle East and Africa security consultant, analyst, and defence consultant. He has a large portfolio of companies he represents internationally and has comprehensive experience working with a variety of entities, companies, and governments in matters related to security, defence and regional political analysis.

Recently, de Melo has become a go-to source on Mozambique and the conflict in Cabo Delgado.

De Melo has successfully completed projects for clients with a wide range of needs on several levels, and in various areas, by utilizing both his skills and worldwide network of resources, providers and experts. His most valuable equipment is his collective sources of knowledge, skills, and experience. "We specialize in providing real-world security consulting."

He has gained much experience living, studying and working in a variety of countries covering the Middle East, Africa (as well as Europe and Central America), in low to high-risk environments. He has lived, studied and worked in the Middle East for over 20 years, and lived and worked sub-Sahara Africa for several years.

He speaks several languages at varying levels including fluent Portuguese and basic Arabic.

De Melo's experience and expertise include:

• subject matter expert/analyst, regional, socio-political, geo-political analyses (including future scenarios), military/defence/security and border security analyses
• liaising, liaison officer
• research and reports
• White Papers
• proposal writing (and project building)
• country risk assessments/analyses; risk assessments, surveys and threat assessments, risk tracking
• terrorism and counter-terrorism
• history of terrorism
• sourcing personnel and experts in a multitude of fields (e.g. military, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, logistics, training, border security, fixed and rotary wing pilots, bush war, economics, DDR, foreign policy, etc...)
• procurement and sourcing defence and security-related items and equipment (for private and government sectors, re: air, land and sea).
• new defence/security/law enforcement related technologies (e.g. imagery enhancement)
• Lusophone Africa (Mozambique, Angola)
• security management (private sector)
• training, developing operations and training projects
• Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR), peacebuilding
• Situational Awareness and Predictive Profiling/Analysis
• languages
• frontline observations and analyses
• close protection (CP)
• small arms
• intelligence
• open-source intelligence
• internal reviews and investigations
• media relations, public relations and communications
• business development re security/defence
• Africa and Middle East History
• hostage negotiations

Middle East and Africa Security and Defence Consulting and Analysis
Maritime Security
Crisis Management
Business Continuity Management
Risk Mitigation
Open Source Intelligence
Human Intelligence
Geographical Intelligence
Oil and Gas

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