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David Allison

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about David Allison

A transformational and culturally attuned senior business leader, commanding over three decades of experience driving strategic vision across 25 countries within the international arena. Leads with integrity, harnessing team strengths and empowering individuals to steer company-wide performance improvements. Invested in cultivating cultures of trust, transparency and accountability within organisations, instigating positive change through consensus building across all levels of a business. Solutions-orientated, with the capacity to research and identify routes for problem solving within increasingly complex business environments. Confident in steering large and small corporations through periods of transformation and accelerated growth. Operates at the forefront of innovation, drawing upon an innate understanding of business cultures across a range of markets. Balances deep industry insight with expert oversight to offer a constructive and refreshing challenge to the board. Ethically driven, with the motivation to demonstrate the ultimate profitability of behavioural change and the strong desire to have a sustainable impact on organisations.

Cultural change, risk management, humanised management system design and implementation, engineering human performance.
Crisis Management
Business Continuity Management
Risk Mitigation
Oil and Gas

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