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about Gerrie

I'm a Political Risk Analyst and Political Analyst with over 14 years experience. I have worked in several sectors as Researcher and most notably as lecturer in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of South Africa (2007-2008) and Department of Political Science at Stellenbosch University (2009-2019), based in South Africa. I have lectured in the fields of Diplomacy, African Politics, Political Conflict, Conflict in Africa as well as Peace and Conflict Studies.

I continue to serve as public intellectual, providing commentary on South African, African and international current affairs on several media platforms as academic and analyst.

I have extensive research experience in the fields of development, governance, institutions and implementation as well as peace, security, political risk analysis, intelligence studies as well as terrorism and extremism in Africa.

I have extensively networked with high-level officials in the international and continental governance sectors as well. I am presently serving as CEO & Director of my own Political Consultancy & Political Risk Advisory Service, Acuity Africa Consultancy, which also offers consultancy services on bespoke executive education offerings in South Africa.

I am lead author on the Africa Risk Review 2021/2022 Report for In On Africa Pty Ltd as well at present. I have also recently been appointed as Research Associate with Good Governance Africa (GGA), SADC Head Office in Johannesburg. I am also serving as freelance contributor for The Economist Intelligence Unit in London, UK.

I have extensive knowledge and networks within the Southern African region and also hold extensive knowledge of SADC politics, peace, security and socio-economic development issues. I have also proactively monitored the security situation in Mozambique and recently wrote an opinion piece on the situation there in light of the ongoing insurgency in Cabo Delgado. Overall I have an excellent understanding of the range of risks facing businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, based on my work on the Africa Risk Review Report 2021/2022 at present. I consider myself to be an experienced Sub-Saharan Africa security and political risk analyst with an extensive array of networks in academia, government as well as the private sector.

I also possess a sound knowledge and understanding of key political, operational and security risk issues on the African continent overall, and in the Southern Africa region, by virtue of being the lead author of the Africa Risk Review Report 2021/2022 I am currently contributing towards.

Political Risk Analysis, Conflict, Terrorism and Security in Africa, with specific focus on the African Union (AU), peace and security studies, Sub-Saharan Africa
Maritime Security
Open Source Intelligence

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