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about Giuliano

International affairs specialist and Intelligence analyst who has worked for private and public institutions and companies providing reports and consultancy. I hold a PhD in Islamic studies and an M.A. in Peacebuilding Management & International Relations. I have worked in North Africa, the Middle East, post-Soviet republics and Latin America conducting several activities supporting the decision-making process.

Areas of Interests: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya), the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine), and Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil)

Specialities: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Political Analysis, Geopolitical Forecasting, Risk Assessment, Security Consultancy, Terrorism Analysis, Interethnic Conflicts, Due Diligence, Planning and Organising an Overseas Mission.

Open Source Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Political Analysis, Risk Assessment, Due Diligence

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