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about RIS Consultancy

RIS Consultancy Services offer bespoke security consultancy, security training, risk management, travel risk management, project management, crisis management, asset protection, loss prevention, quality management systems, investigations and counter-terrorism. We bring significant experience from various background, skills and qualifications to solve security, risk and investigations that organisations and individuals are faced with on ever-changing security threat levels. Our clients based including security companies, hospitality and entertainment, logistics, healthcare, construction and supply chain, retail, oil and gas, education, not-for-profit organisations and manufacturing.

​RIS Consultancy has expertise in the United Kingdom, East Africa, Middle East, Asia and the United States of America. Our Consultants have in-depth experience in working in a hostile environment managing complex security operations.

Security Consultation, Penetration Testing, Corporate Investigations, Health and Safety, Travel Risk Management, Security Training, Quality Management Systems, Counter and Anti-Terrorism and Diversity and Inclusion Training
Maritime Security
Crisis Management
Business Continuity Management
Risk Mitigation
Open Source Intelligence
Human Intelligence
Geographical Intelligence
Humanitarian / NGO
Oil and Gas
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